Used to programming in “SELCA*” language?
From today it’s not a problem anymore thanks to the new SELCA-VISEL programming converter.

VISEL has already developed a firmware that guarantees the possibility of programming on the machine and importing files from SELCA*CNC directly in the original language. The firmware can be installed on every current model of your CNC.
The CNC automatically converts the “SELCA*” text into an executable program, all the functions remain written and editable in the original “SELCA*” language. No conversion steps are required.
The current set of functions and commands includes the most used functions (about 80% of those available in the “SELCA*” language).

For more information, download the complete manual of the executable commands in the DOWNLOAD section or request the free demo to be installed on your VISEL CNC for 30 days!
At the end of the free trial, you can decide either to install it permanently or not.

*(SELCA is a trademark owned by HEIDENHAIN).